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Grupo Granvia Romania

Gran Via is a large scale Spanish real estate developer, acting on Romanian market since 2006. With a reputable portfolio, Gran Via is presently developing several residential projects in Bucharest and already planning few more in important Romanian cities.


Gran Via group understood the importance of offering choices in real estate!

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You need to have the control of your own needs and more important, the possibility to make the right, proper choice for you. In the same time, it is important that someone offers you the possibility of choosing. At Gran Via, we will always make sure we offer you several possibilities throughout our developments, based on a deep knowledge of the market and of your needs. We do everything possible to offer you the best choice, in your BEST interest!

With a very dynamic real estate sector and very high rate of property ownership, Romanians are always seeking for new, modern, comfortable, fashion projects in order to identify their future HOME.  Therefore, Gran Via’s market approach is based on investors’ international vision, adapted to Romanian’s expectations and values in terms of home environment and lifestyle.


Gran Via’s business philosophy is based on the idea that quality is the leading factor in real estate, a key issue in creating the proper product for each person, since residential assets are vital acquisitions in people’s lives. Therefore, understanding people’s needs and expectations is the main focus of the company. Along with long lasting partners, from exclusive brokers to banks, contractors and communication agencies, Gran Via’s team is committed to always innovate, always create and deliver the best home for YOU.


In fact, people don’t just want the perfect apartment; they also want the greatest place to LIVE. This is the purpose of residential projects developed by Gran Via Real Estate!